Learning Objectives Chapter 3: Questions 1-4

Participants should know the characteristics of an ICAM program.

Learning Objectives - Chapter 3: Questions 5-19

Participants should be able to distinguish between sectoral coastal management and integrated coastal management, the specific types of integration between different coastal stakeholders, for example intergovernmental integration, or science-management integration, the possible obstacles to integration, and possible solutions to these obstacles.

Learning Objectives - Chapter 3: Questions 20-30

Participants should be aware of international organisations involved in ICAM programmes in their country or region. They should be familiar with the principles that guide the ICAM program (precautionary and the polluter pays principles). Participants should have an understanding of the shift in the environmental movement from a position of conservation to one of sustainable development. This shift was most noticeable at the 1992 Rio Summit which produced documents such as Agenda 21 and also produced conventions on Biodiversity and Climate Change.

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