Chapter 2 Definition of the coastal area


Prepare a series of photographs illustrating uses of and impacts of activities on the coastal area in the region where you live. Each photograph should be accompanied by a caption that describes the nature of the use, any competition with other uses, how use is managed. Some of the photographs should show good practice, and state why this is good practice, and some should illustrate bad practices, and why these are bad practices. The format for the caption should be as follows:

Location of photo: __________________

Date of photo: __________________

Photographer: __________________

Nature of use: __________________

Competitive uses: __________________

How usage is managed: __________________

Good practice or bad practice & reason

(caption not appropriate for all photos): __________________

The PE assignment can be sent by email to Faghrie Mitchell as a word processor document with embeded images or as an HTML page with images (must be zipped), or should be sent by courier to Faghrie Mitchell, Botany Department, University of the Western Cape, Modderdam Road, Bellville, South Africa 7535, Phone 27 21 959 3408. Your images and captions will be entered into our image library with full credit, to be available on the IOI-SA Courseware website.