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Lethabo Mosomane


Rivers have different functions in our lives and there are also essential in our lives. We cannot go for more than five days without water but without food we can. The water in our rivers is used for many things for example for irrigation, drinking and also for electricity (hydroelectricity). Plants that we plough need lots of water so most farmers all over the country use the water from the rivers for irrigation. Then after irrigation people can get food. The rivers also provide us with food especially animals that live in water such as fishes. Water is also used to generate electricity and it imposes minimal impacts on the environment unlike when using coal to generate electricity. The river water is also used for drinking but after the water has been purified then it is safe to drink. There are lot of bacteria such as Cyanobacteria that are found in the water so the water has to be purified before being consumed.

The main aim of the rivers is to provide us with water. Water is one of the basic elements of life. Lots of people pollute rivers in different ways some pollute them directly and some indirectly. People pollute the river directly by pouring toxic chemicals into the rivers and indirectly by runoff where water which contains nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. Excess of nitrogen and phosphorus may cause eutrophication which can end up killing the aquatic life. If the water is polluted pathogens inside the water such as Salmonella typhimurium can increase in number and if the water is consumed it can lead to diarrhoea. Water from the rivers can be used for irrigation, drinking, and also for electricity.