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Niger River

The image of Niger River was taken from the below website.

The Niger River is regarded as the major rivers of Western Africa widen more than 25 miles. It passes through the South Western part of Niger more than a distance of approximately 550 hens with the final 150km creating the border between Niger and Benine. Benue River is the chief tributary. Niger River is the third greatest river in Africa.

Niger River: Image 1

The image of Niger River was taken facing the North West direction. The coordinates include 16º57'51.36" N 0º48'05.50" W.

Niger River: Image 2

The image of Niger River is taken facing toward the South West direction. The river was zoomed in. The co ordinates 16º59'10.31" N 0º54'25.62" W.

Niger River: image 3

The image was taken facing toward the East direction. The 3D was used. The coordinates are 16º59'20.44" N 0º54'30.05" W.

Niger River: image 4

The Niger River was taken facing the West direction. The coordinates 16º59'18.84" N 0º51'08.56" W