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Molopo River

It is found in Southern Africa. It ascends east of Mafikeng in Northwest Province of South Africa. Furthermore, it runs usually west for approximately 600miles to attach the Orange River close to the Southern eastern boundary of Namibia.

Molopo River: image 1

Molopo River is taken facing toward the North. One can observe the river clearly. The coordinates include 25º42'25.83"S 24 º16'12.85"

Molopo River: Image 2

The river was taken facing the East direction. One can able to observe that the river is located in the border. The coordinates, 25 º42'25.83 ºS 24 º16'12.83E.

Molopo River:image 3

The image of Molopo River was taken facing North direction. The 3D was used. The coordinates were 25 º42'26.60S 24 º16'11.99"E.

Molopo River: image 4

The molopo River was taken facing North. The coordinates include 25 º43'22.61"S 24 º17'08.11" E.