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Zambezi River

Zambezi River

It is the fourth greatest river in Africa. It is about 2.574km lengthy. It has its source in Zambia and runs via Angola the boundary of Namimbia, Botswana, Zambia as well as Zimbabwe towards Mozambique. It is also considered as the biggest river inflowing the India Ocean. The major tributaries are Kafue, Kwando as well as Shire Rivers.

Zambezi River: image 1

The Zambezi River was taken facing the North direction. One can see the vegetation close to the river more especially on the Eastern part of the river. The coordinates used were 13033'06.00"S and 23064'182"E.

Zambezi River: image 2

The image of Zambezi River was taken by zooming in facing West direction. The coordinates were 13º 34'28.79 S 23º 05'28.69"

Zambezi River: image 3

The image of Zambezi River was taken 3D facing toward the East. The vegetation is clearly observed at the South Eastern part of the River. The coordinates used were 13 º 32'15.80" S 23 º 06'44.97"E.

Zambezi River: image 4

The image of Zambezi River was taken facing the South direction. The 3D was used. The coordinates were 13 º33'29.52"S 23 º05'27.69E