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Orange River

Orange River, South Africa

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It is known as the principal river in South Africa. The border of South Africa and South of Namibia is created by the Orange River. The furthest head stream of Orange increase in the Drankensburg Mountain next to the border between Lesotho and South Africa, approximately 193km from India Ocean and at an altitude of more than 3000m.However, the river is known as Senqu in Lesotho. Moreover, the principal tributary is the Vaal River. However, the main significant tributary that is inflowing from Namibia is Fish River.

Orange River: Image 1

The image of Orange River was taken facing towards the North. The Drankensburg Mountain and tributaries at the North of the river are observed clearly. The co ordinates include 28º49'06.45" S 17º58'57.21" E.

Orange River: image 2

The image of Orange River is taken facing the East direction. The mountain can be observed. The coordinates, 28º49'05.62" S 18º00'05.60"

Orange River: image 3

The River was taken facing the South direction. The river was zoomed in order to be observed clearly. Te River surrounded by a Mountain. The coordinates include 28º49'38.06"S 17º59'48.73" E.

Orange River: image 4

The image of Orange River is taken facing West direction. The mountain is also observes clearly from the image. The coordinates include 28º50'20.63"S 18º00'28.44º E.