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Congo River

Image of Kinshasa and Brazzaville, taken by NASA; the Congo River is visible in the center of the photograph

The picture of Congo River was taken from the website below

The river is found in the Western Central Africa flowing approximately 4.666km North, West and South West via Democratic Republic of Congo toward the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered as the second longest river in Africa however it is fifth greatest river worldwide.

Congo River: image 1

The image above indicates Congo River. The image was taken facing north direction. Coordinates, 2000'13.56" N 22047'35.05"E

Congo River: image 2

The image above was taken by zooming in where it is possible for one to view the full river. Coordinates, 1057'22.06" N 22047'08.69" E

Congo River: image 3

The Congo River was taken using 3D dimension. The image was taken facing north direction. In the southern part of the river one can view the vegetation. Coordinates, 1057'22.37"N 22047'08.69"E.

Congo River: image 4

The Congo River was taken facing the East direction. The 3D was used. Coordinates were 1057'22.08 N 22047'09.31'E