Lets Begin Who is Hout Bay today? The Lifestyles The Livelihoods The Beauties Come and Dine Come and Dine The Glamour Oh, The Glamour The Obscured Truth Hiden from Them Beauty in The Rough The Poison The Ignorance The Reality The Reality Accountability The Issue The Solution The Need for Action More Effort Needed Appreciation
Lets Begin1 Who is Hout Bay today?2 The Lifestyles3 The Livelihoods4 The Beauties5 Come and Dine6 Come and Dine7 The Glamour8 Oh, The Glamour9 The Obscured Truth10 Hiden from Them11 Beauty in The Rough12 The Poison13 The Ignorance14 The Reality15 The Reality16 Accountability17 The Issue18 The Solution19 The Need for Action20 More Effort Needed21 Appreciation22
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