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Formatting for the NISL Content Slides 11

Before concluding this section, "How to make a NISL Powerpoint Presentation", there is just two more things which need to be done, that is insertion of extra text boxes and images.

Additional text boxes can be inserted onto your NISL slide as long as it does not obscure other elements (text or images) on your slide. These textboxes also need to have rounded corners to show that they have been added to the slide (see below).

Insert a rounded text box, by clicking on the AutoShapes icon on the Drawing Toolbar. Go to Basic Shapes and click on the Rounded Rectangle (see below).

Once selected, you can drag the rounded rectangle onto your slide (you can position it later not to obscure other elements on your slide).

Type your text into the rounded rectangle. Make it bigger so that your text fits, by dragging the anchors of the rounded triangle out. Then drag it into the position you want it to take on your slide.

Next, right-click on the rounded triangle to format it (see below, Format AutoShape).

Change the Fill Color to No Fill, and click OK (see below).

Select the text in the rounded rectangle and change the font colour to R:70, G:70, G:0.

Next, you need to add a custom animation to the rounded rectangle, which will allow it to appear in sequence with the other elements on your slide.

Select the rounded rectangle, and then click on the menu bar Slide Show|Custom Animation (see below).

The right-hand side Task Pane will change or appear as the Custom Animation Task Pane (see below).

Select Add Effect from the Custom Animation Task Pane.

The Custom Animation for text is blinds. Click on Add Effect, then on Entrance and then on More Effects, as shown below:


After you have clicked on More Effects, another window will appear.

Select Dissolve In from the above window. Your slide should look as follows:

Select Slide Show (from current slide) on the bottom left of your screen, to view the animation.

That concludes inserting additional textboxes to your NISL slide. The insertion of an image is very similar to that of the rounded rectangle. Both have Dissolve In as a custom animation effect, so I will not be repeating this effect. I will instead just show the effect when it is finished.

That concludes this section, "How to make a NISL Powerpoint Presentation".