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Formatting for the NISL Content Slides 9

You need to add animation to the points in the text. Select the text in the text box (see below).

Click on the menu bar Slide Show|Custom Animation (see below).

The right-hand side Task Pane will change or appear as the Custom Animation Task Pane (see below).

Select Add Effect from the Custom Animation Task Pane.

The Custom Animation for text is blinds. Click on Add Effect, then on Entrance and then on 1. Blinds, as shown below:


After you have clicked on 1. Blinds, your Slide View and Custom Animation Task Pane will look as follows:

You will need to make the following changes to the above settings:

Change the speed of the animation from Very Fast to Fast. The setting can be change on the Custom Animation Task Pane, Modify Blinds: Speed: Fast. Do this for all three (3) points.

Then, double-click Point 1 on the Custom Animation Task Pane (see below).

Change the settings from this (see below):

To this (see below):

Now do the same for Point 2 and Point 3.

You have now set the animation effect for Points 1-3. Next you will need to change the animation sequence for Points 1-3. You do this by right-clicking Point 2 in the Custom Animation Task Pane, and then changing it form Start With Previous to Start On Click.


Repeat this for Point 3. When you have done this you will notice that the grey numbers next to the points have changed from 1-1-1 to 1-2-3 (see below).

Select Slide Show (from current slide) on the bottom left of your screen, to view the animation.