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Formatting for the NISL Content Slides 8

The specifications for the text of the second text box are as follows:

Colors and Lines

Text Font

Text Size

Font Style

Font Colour

Font Effects

Arial or Verdana

At least 16 pt


Dark Green (R:70, G:70, B:0)


When applied your slide should look more or less as follows:

I will now convert the three points in the slide to bullets. Select the text in the text box, and click on the menu bar Format|Bullets and Numbering. Select the square buttons and change their colour to a greenish colour R:128, G:128, B:0 (see below).

Click OK. The result should be that your text is dark green and the buttons are grey.

Note: If you get hanging indents when clicking on the Bullets icon

then you need to click set the bullets to numbers and then change them back to bullets.

Right-click on the text box to change its size and position. The specifications for the text box are as follows:










1.02" From Top Left Corner

2.27" From Top Left Corner

Your slide should look like the image above, that is, have greenish bullets (128:128:0), dark green (70:70:0) text, and the text box is within the display area (preventing text from being clipped when the Slide Show is running).