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Formatting for the NISL Content Slides 1

Before I start with the specific formatting for NISL slides in terms of text (size, colour, etc) and custom animations, you should removed duplication of graphics on slides 4-6.

You will see the duplication (in Normal View) when you select and delete the larger white background on any of the slides 4-6. Even though the white background was selected and deleted, it does not disappear. Although, the background image on the content slide was deleted; the background image on the master stays in place. This goes for the other elements (fly, Africa, title text, etc) as well, and these can be deleted from slides 4-6.

Remember: As a rule, always delete the larger background image when doing this as it will obscure the smaller elements on the slide, which you also need to delete (in Normal View).

Slides 4-6 in your presentation have instructions that determine how NISL slides should look. Next, I will show you how to create these slide.

Select Slide 6 and Insert a new slide (menu bar Insert|New Slide or Ctrl-M).