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Making Master Slides

We can now start making the master slides (title and content slides) for the template file "NISL_Template_EI_2.ppt".
The common elements on slide 1 which can be used for all your content slides are:
1. Green circle 1 = Main background image
2. Green circle 2 = Content background image
3. Blue rectangle 1 = Main heading (Research Methodology)
4. Blue rectangle 2 = Subheading (How to Create...)
5. Blue rectangle 3 = Side text (E=I2)
6. Image 1 = Africa
7. Image 2 = Fruitfly
Important note: Element 4 (the text box), "How to Create a NISL PowerPoint" MUST NOT be copied onto the Master Slide if this subheading changes from slide to slide. So this text box will need to be copied from slide to slide.