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Open NISL_Template_EI_2.ppt

This template does not use master slides. You can check this by clicking on the menu bar, View|Master|Slide Master (see below).

You will see that the Slide Master is blank.

Click on Close Master View on the Slide Master View to return to Normal View (see below), alternatively, click on the menu bar View|Normal.

In Normal View, you will see that the four slides have a similar look, despite the Slide Master being blank. They look similar because the graphics (background, fly, Africa, etc) have been duplicated on all the slides. This duplication leads to an unnecessary increase in file size. This duplication can be eliminated by setting up master slides, with slide 1 being a title slide, and the rest being content slides. So we will need to create, (1) a title master and (2) a content master.