What about me?An overcrowded Earth.

In this Module we have seen that many people in Cape Town are working together to care for the environment. You can contact these organisations if your school or youth group needs help planning environmental projects.

But what can we do in our own lives, as individuals, families and neighbourhoods, to protect nature and care for the environment … so that nature and the environment can continue to care for us?








Survivor Planet Earth

The planet Earth is siverely over-crowded!There are nearly 6.5 Billion people like us living on Earth today. That’s 6 500 000 000 people! Can you imagine a number that big?

Each one of us needs things that the Earth provides:

  • clean air

  • clean water

  • nutritious food

  • a home to live in

  • clothes to wear

  • things to do - both work and play.








During our lives, each one of us produces tons of waste:

  • Caring for our planet!bodily wastes, like urine and faeces

  • garbage, like plastic, glass, paper and cans

  • water polluted with soap, oil, paint and poisons

  • air polluted with smoke and fumes from cars, fires and factories.

We have only one Earth to provide for our needs and to absorb our wastes. BUT:

  • there are more people on Earth than ever before

  • people are consuming much more than ever before

  • people are producing much more waste than ever before.








Divide into groups of four to six. Your group represents an environmental management company.

Here is your challenge:

The City of Cape Town is facing an environmental crisis!

  • A long drought has caused a serious water shortage.

  • Pollution of rivers, wetlands and the sea is threatening people’s health and coastal tourism.

  • Air pollution on the Highveld has led to the closing of a number of old coal fired power stations, resulting in power blackouts.

  • Landfill sites are filling up fast and the City is limiting each household to throwing away one garbage bag of waste per week.

  • Nature Conservation officials are reporting extinctions of plants and animals in local nature reserves.

The Mayor has appealed to the people of the City to “live more lightly on the Earth”. She has appointed your environmental management company to come up with Sustainable Living Guidelines for the people of Cape Town.  Scroll down to read on...

  • In your group, brainstorm ideas for saving water and energy, reducing waste and pollution, and conserving nature in your homes.

  • Develop sustainable living guidelines for households in the City of Cape Town.

  • Present your ideas creatively and convincingly to your class.

  • Start implementing your ideas at home and at school!