Before she passed away, my grandmother gave me her favourite china bowl. It was a beautiful piece, and useful too.






One day, while I was out, my baby brother dropped the bowl. It shattered into tiny pieces! 

Thatís what fragments are: they are parts of something that was once whole but is now in pieces.

I was so upset!








That bowl was a gift from my grandmother, so I decided to repair it. I gathered up the pieces, found some strong glue and carefully stuck them all together.

But when I was finished, I found that some of the pieces were missing. My bowl was no longer as useful or as beautiful, but it was still really precious to me. So I decided to keep it anyway. I am going to try to repair the holes, and from now on I am going to look after my bowl even more carefully than before!

What is this metaphor saying about the fragmentation of natural areas?