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Tests to Assess your Understanding

There are six tests in total. These tests are in the form of an electronic test. If you want to be eligible to undertake this you must have Windows Outlook installed on your PC - this will allow your marks to be captured by us remotely. If you are unregistered at UWC we will simply post the results back to you (may take a couple of days) so you can see how well you did. Once you have completed each test, a final screen will be shown, with a button entitled "Email results". Use this button to email your results.

Ensure that you have Email Client (e.g. Groupwise) is open before you click on this button. This will automatically send your results to the course supervisor. You may be required to confirm the sending more than once, but do not worry. This messaging system is very secure. It is very important that you sent you Browser to Microsoft Outlook as the Email Client.