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Structure of the AIACC Course

HTML DocumentThe basic structure of the course is plain HTML that is generated from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and has a screen shot of each lecture slide (rendered as a low resolution image for bandwidth conservation) together with the lecturer's notes. These are really to help users under low Bandwidth situations and provide an opportunity to print out material for revision.

The basic HTML is near identical in that the webpages have a forward and backward navigation and between these buttons there is a Home or Index page which provides a description and link to each and every page in the course. This makes for easy navigation since the Previous/Next buttons and the index or home page are situated at the top and bottom of each page so you can go through the material linearly which is the way we recommend when you first use this site. Once you have completed going and wish to revise material you can then use either the index/home page or the Table of Content on the left hand side and this will take you directly to that particular page. Note that the table of content cascades open as you work with each chapter and the other chapter contents will close up. Each page that your working on is highlighted in red to show where you are in relation to the rest of the content.

At the bottom of each and every page is direct link to the AIACC home page, Online AIACC Lectures, AIACC Web Blog and an email contact should you be experiencing problems. On every part of the website where there is a link we have also provided a "hover" with pertinent information and in most cases a subtle colour change will occur.

Online Lectures and Resources

The Online Lectures provide full, streaming multimedia presentations of each lecture using Macromedia Shockwave at then end of each chapter there are self questions. For certain key operations like using the R Scripts we have prepared We suggest you do not proceed, until at least 80% is achieved in the these self-test questions.
The Power Point lecture material narrated and converted to Shockwave files using Articulate Presenter Pro Version 4 and quizzes were prepared using Articulate Quizmaker Version 2.
Qarbon Viewlet Builder was used to prepare flash-based screenshot animations of key steps in doing the Practical exercise.
MS Word iconEach Lecture Chapter is also available for download as a MS Word document. The Image quality is much hgher than for the HTML pages.
Adobe Acrobat RequiredImportant electronic documents can also be downloaded and are stored in PDF format
Chapter HTML and the full course HTML can also be downloaded for local installation. These files have been zipped. Please not linked resources such as Shockwave are not available for local installation as yet.
ms-power pointThe course material is NOT available in the original Power Point format - since the PPT files were very big (some more than 200 Mbytes!)