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What you will need to do the AIACC course?

Good Internet Access is required. While course notes can be viewed

Operating Systems




Developed using this Operating System. Works on all known versions of Windows (95, 2000, XP etc) and on both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. Support is provided for on-line testing providing Microsoft Outlook is installed and the web browser configured to use this as its email client.

Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu)

The content will work under Linux version using 32 Bit Architecture but will not work under Linux using 64 Bit since Macromedia Shockwave is not supported under this architecture. Support for on-line testing is not provided under Linux. Configuring the Macromedia Shockwave on 32-Bit Architecture machines will probably require additional fonts to be installed.

Apple Macintosh

Not fully tested using Apple McIntosh systems but have not found any major issues. Support for on-line testing is not provided under this operating system.