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AIACC Course: Statement of Problem and Objectives

The Problem:

Global warming will radically change the rainfall and temperature regimes over the entire SADC region. This is likely to have profound impact on biodiversity and wide-scale extinctions of species are predicted. The impacts will occur relatively soon and most of us will see them within our lifetimes. These extinctions can, in part, be mitigated by the use of strategic conservation planning that takes into consideration the likely impacts of climate change.


  1. To conduct hands on training on how to predicting likely impacts from climatic change.
  2. To identify adaptation options to mitigate the impacts of the change on biodiversity.
  3. To familiarise learners on the current climate change scenarios
  4. To introduce tools for biodiversity conservation planning in a climatically changing environment.

Lecture Structure:

Lecture 1 The evidence for anthropogenic climate change
Lecture 2 Global Climate Models
Lecture 3 Climate change scenarios for Africa
Lecture 4 Biodiversity response to past climates
Lecture 5 Adaptations of biodiversity to climate change
Lecture 6 Approaches to niche-based modelling
Lecture 7 Ecosystem change under climate change
Lecture 8 Implications for strategic conservation planning
Lecture 9 Economic costs of conservation responses