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The end of a Generation:

As the dinosaurs continued ruling other animals who were better adapted evolved. Feathered birds also evolved better adapted than the Ornithocheirus and would rule over the skies. Snakes and lizards also evolved not forgetting the small mammals. Flowering plants and insects also evolved and these were occupying the whole earth3.

Towards the end of the Cretaceous period there was a massive extinction where 65% of life was destroyed3. It is also referred to as the "K-T extinction event"21. Various theories have been raised as to the cause of this extinction. One theory raised by a Physicist Luis Alvarez, his son and other researchers suggests that the earth was hit by a comet or asteroid made of carbonaceous chondrite21. This theory is supported by "the relative abundance of iridium in many asteroids and the similarity between the isotopic composition of iridium in asteroids and K-T layers, which differs from that of terrestrial iridium." 21 The impact was very strong throwing large amounts of dust and vapour in the atmosphere causing sun to be covered by the huge cloud and which lasted for a long period killing most plants. There may have occurred causing great fires that burned most organisms living at the time.

Other theories included the volcanic eruptions producing gases that were toxic to life and burning vast lands making it inhabitable. Others suggest global warming as the cause of this massive extinction.

Cause of extinction?

This marked the end of a generation of life that had dominated the earth on different spheres.