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Life and Climatic Conditions in Creataceous

This was a warm period where temperatures were so high and no ice caps on the mountains10. There was a rise in sea levels forming shallow seas on the continents. The flowering plants evolved and thrived becoming more predominant towards the end of this period. Flowering plant like the Magnolia and figs appeared in this stage and the conifers continued to thrive16. Archosurian reptiles were the dormant animals of this period with small mammals also starting to thrive in this period16. The flying Pterosaurus were also thriving in this period even though they were facing competition from feathery birds which had already evolved. With the evolution of flowering plants was also coinciding with the evolution of diverse insect species which were occupying the land. Insect like the ants, termites, Aphids, grasshoppers, and gall wasps appeared during this time17.