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Another form of reptile living during this age was the Placerias; this was a reptile like mammal even though not a dinosaur3. They were heavily built reptiles weighing up to a ton in weight and had tusks. The tusks served helped them dig out for roots and the male used them while fighting each other for females. They were slow moving and vulnerable to the predators3. To mostly escape this they moved in groups (security in numbers). Due to their slow movement they couldn't survive in the harsh conditions as they mainly fed along the river banks. Predation by was also another factor that led to their extinction3.

At the end of Triassic period only the swift Coelophysis survived due to predation and competition also the well adapted Cynodont also survive due to their special adaptation of taking care of their young and also nocturnal hunting3. Only the most adapted survive in this world full of competition and adverse weather condition.