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Coelophysis is earliest recorded dinosaur that lived in the late Triassic period i.e. around 210 million years ago. It belonged to the order Therapoda (therapods) 2. This was a small biped carnivore feeding mainly on fish but is thought also to be cannibalistic under extreme conditions of famine 3, 8. It had thin bones and could move very fast. It was about 1 meter high at the hip and a length of 0.8 to 3.1 meters long weighing up to 35-40 kilograms3. It had one special adaptation that it was swift and could stand on two legs making it swift and well adapted for looking for prey and escaping danger. Under severe weather condition they prey on one another and also hunt in groups to get large prey. As all dinosaurs they required little water for excretion and so survive well in the desert like conditions in the Triassic period3. When conditions became extreme they hunted in groups and sometime became cannibalistic for survival3.