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Archosauromorph reptiles like the archosaurs were common reptiles in the Triassic. Mammals like reptiles of the order Cynodontia like the Cynognathus (a predator) were common in the Triassic period3. Cynodont was a reptile which had mammalian like features which lives in pairs. It laid eggs and took care of them and the young ones. The young were fed with milk from the mother till they matured. Its body was covered with fur but it wiggled like a reptile does. They lived in burrows to be protected from the predators and were nocturnal hunters and were carnivores. They hunted in the cover of darkness with their food including the young coelophysis3. The young were vulnerable to attack by the Coelophysis but also they are cannibalistic for survival3. The cynodont later evolved to become the modern mammal today by evolving teeth from canine of holding and catching prey to molars for grinding food3, 7.