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Life in Triassic

Plant life was composed of the cycads Lycophytes (ferns), glossopterids and the Ginkgophytes(Ginkgos) 6. Glossopterids were the seeded plants that dominated the southern hemisphere while the Northern Hemisphere had conifers growing. Animals living in this era were either that that remained after the extinction in the previous era or new ones that evolved in this period6. Marine life was made of the coral reefs, fish, and the marine reptiles. The reptiles included the Pachypleurosaurs and Nothosaurs, Placodonts, the plesiosaurs, Askeptosaurs and Ichthyosaurs. Amphibians like the Temnospondyl amphibians lived after surviving the Permian-Triassic extinction (e.g. Trematosaurs) lived in the Early Triassic, while the Capitosaurs were active through out the period. The first Lissamphibia (modern amphibians) began appearing in the Triassic period but became more prominent in the Jurassic6.

Ornithodira, (had an upright gait and walked an s-curved neck3) evolved into pterosaurs and other dinosaurs6. During the Triassic the Crurotarsi diversified into various groups including the Phytosaurs, Aetosaurs and the first crocodile family member, the Sphenosuchia. Other animals during this time included the herbivorous rhynchosaurs and the Prolacertiformes (insectivores or piscivores). The earliest turtles, like Proganochelys and Proterochersis, and the lizard like herbivore Procolophonidae also evolved6.