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Dinosaurs are ancient animals that lived from about 230 to 65 million years ago (Late Triassic to late Cretaceous period) 1, 2. They were diverse type of sizes with some being very huge to some being very small that lived on all spheres of life that is air, water and on land2. They were both herbivores and carnivores most of them being great feeders. At the beginning dinosaurs were small but grew in size. This could have resulted from change in their feeding habits, for instance the herbivores were feeding on the vegetation and had to evolve a way of acquiring all the nutrients in the food and this led to them having big stomachs and so large bodies' too13. The predators may also have grown larger to be able to kill the growing prey. But also they developed better hunting methods like hunting in packs, ambush hunting and modified structures on their bodies like the claws. The prey also learnt to move in packs to be able to escape the preys that were ever prowling around hunting for them. Also body shields were also developed to be able to deter the carnivorous predators. Others like the Stegosaurus developed a claw on the tail to keep off the predators3.