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Megalocerus as reconstructed in "Walking with Beasts"

Megalocerus (Irish elk) was a kind of deer that also shared the plains and edges of the woodlands with the mammoths. They had massive antlers that could reach four meters from tip to tip which is more than impressive even for a deer standing two meters tall at the shoulder and weighing a whopping 800 kilograms. They were very prone to injury during the rutting season, when the males fought for dominance and the right to mate with a harem of females. They were also hunted by man (Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis) for their meat, skin and their antlers. Many well preserved specimens have been found in the peat bogs of Ireland, but specimens have been also found all over Europe. They probably became extinct, not only due to hunting, but also due to a change in the vegetation after the last glacial period ended. (38)