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Macrauchenias drinking

Macrauchenia as depicted in "Walking with Beasts"

Macrauchenia were one of the last surviving hoofed animals that were unique to South America. They were of the order Litopterna (pseudo-horse), a group of ungulates unique to South America that had undergone toe reduction. Macrauchenia were three-toed, long-necked and long limbed. They probably looked a bit like a camel, were herbivorous and about 1,5 meter at the shoulder, weighing some 250 kilograms. Their skulls show peculiar nasal cavities at the top of their head, which led to all sorts of different theories, with the most probable that they had a tapir-like "trunk". Their bones were very resilient, which suggests that they could change direction quickly while running. This was probably their best defense when trying to flee from predators. Fossils are restricted to the Lujan formation in Argentina. (34)

Ocean currents had been disrupted by the joining of the two American continents. This disruption eventually brought on another massive change to the world's climate. The Ice Ages were soon to come, that would lead to new species evolving and many others to become extinct!