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Dinofelis in tree

Dinofelis with Australopithecus as prey from a scene in "Walking with Beasts"

A saber-toothed cat called Dinofelis (meaning "terrible cat")also roamed the African savannahs. From fossils found in South Africa together with baboon fossils, it is deducted that they possibly also preyed on primates, which could have included the australopithecines. They were powerful cats, built like the modern day jaguars, but with more powerful front legs. They stood up to 70 centimeters at the shoulder and could weigh 120 kilograms. They did not have true saber teeth that were long and flat, but rather something in between saber teeth and modern-day cone shaped feline teeth. Fossils have revealed that there were several different species spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. (25)