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Netscape is the general name for a series of web browsers originally produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, but now developed by AOL. The original browser was once the dominant browser in terms of usage share, but it now has only a relatively small number of users (

Open GIS:

Open GIS refers to free, legal access and use of GIS data and information i.e. within the public domain.


Opera is a cross-platform internet software suite developed by Opera Software consisting of a web browser, e-mail/news client, address book, newsfeed reader, IRC chat client, and download manager. Today Opera is a widely used Internet browser (


The Open Geospatial Consortium, or OGC, is an international voluntary consensus standards organization. In the OGC, more than 280 commercial, governmental, nonprofit and research organisations worldwide, collaborate in an open consensus process encouraging development and implementation of standards for geospatial content and services, GIS data processing and exchange. It was previously known as Open GIS Consortium (

Operating system:

In computing, an operating system (OS) is the system software responsible for the direct control and management of hardware and basic system operations. Additionally, it provides a foundation upon which to run application software such as word processing programs and web browsers. (