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Downloading a layer

You can use the download tab to download the GIS information for an entire layer on the BGIS online maps. The layer is in the form of a zipped ESRI shape file together with its metadata either as a MS Word document or an HTML file.


You would like to use the entire "Renosterveld Ecosystem Status" layer in your desktop GIS. You can download the layer by choosing the . The system will open a background map in the main map window and a list of open folders with all the layers available for download in the information panel. You can tick the tickbox next to a layer to view it before you download it. Note you can only view one layer within each of the folders at a time.

Click on the "Renosterveld Ecosystem Status" in the Renosterveld layers folder to view on the map whether this is the layer you wish to download. The layer will appear on the map. If it is the correct layer to click on the text "Renosterveld Ecosystem Status" to download the layer. You will be able to choose where on your computer you wish to save the downloaded zipped layer.