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Extract Layer

Use the Extract layer tool to extract a shape file of a selected layer.

When you click Extract layer a listing of all layers, which you are able to extract, are displayed in the Information Panel. Select a layer from the drop-down list and click OK to extract the layer.


You would also like to send the information for some of the other layers on your map to your colleague e.g. the "Renosterveld Ecosystem Status" and "Renosterveld Priority Clusters"

Click on the choose the layer you wish to extract from e.g. Renosterveld Ecosystem Status and Click OK. Choose where you would like to save the files on your computer. You can now send the extracted file for the layer to your colleague. Note that only the polygons that fall within the zoomed in area in the map viewer will be included in this file. If you would like to receive that entire layer you will have to download it using the . This is explained in the next section.