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Upload GPS waypoints

Upload GPS Waypoints Tool will allow you to upload waypoints obtained from your GPS onto the Map Service. The GPS data need to be a Comma Separated Value (CSV) that can be generated from Excel. The file must have three columns one for identifying the point and the other two columns for Latitude (Y) and Longitude (X). Please note the X and Y coordinates must be in Decimal Degrees so for southern Africa Y will be negative and X positive. The order of the columns makes no difference.


A colleague collected GPS points of where the rare geophyte in found on the Genadendal farm. He entered these into an Excel spreadheet as follows.

In order to upload these points we need to save the file as a comma delimited file or CSV file. This can be done in Excel using Save as and choosing CSV. Or you can simply make a file like the one below in Notepad and change the file extension to .cvs

Once saved as CSV the above table will look like the following ASCII file

waypoint ID,X,Y











Go to the following URL to download a copy of this CSV file.

Click on and a form will appear in the Information Panel. You can now find your copy of the geophytes.csv file and and click Upload CVS file.

Once you have uploaded your CSV the following dialogue box will appear to direct which columns to use for X and Y and the name for the layer you are adding.

On submitting you will get the following screen

You can now go to your layers function Tab Bar and can view the layer which has been added. In the case below it was "Geophytes". The areas with geophytes appear as red squares on the map.

If you cannot see you uploaded points we suggest that you zoom out to see entire world and turn on the World map layer. This will highlight any possible mistakes like transposing of the X and Y axis and allocating of negative values to southern and western hemispheres.