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Extract GML

Use the Extract GML Tool to extract features to a GML file.

To use the extract tool click the tool, located in the expanded toolbox. A listing of options will be displayed in the information panel. Select the map layer that you are interested in from the drop down menu. Please note that some layers are not available for extract and only the layers that are available will be listed. Next select whether you are interested in selecting only features that are within your current extent. Finally specify whether to extract selected features only. Once you are satisfied with your selection click OK.

Once the extract is complete, you are able to download a zip file containing the extracted data or you are able to open the GML file directly to view or save. If you do not receive the total number of features that you expected to extract it may be because there are limits set on the number of features that can be exported at one time. Simply select another feature set and again extract the layer to GML.

Extracting to GML is similar to extraction to Excel describe in the previous section and is not included in the exercise.