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Upload Shape files

Upload Shape Files Tool will allow you to upload a ESRI Shape file that is unprojected (Geographic Lat/Longs using the WGS84 ellipsoid) onto the map service and view it. The shape file needs to be 1 MB or less.


We are going to up load the boundary of thefarm near Genadendal to the map.

First you need the farms boundary. You can download a copy of the zipped copy of the shape file from the following URL

When the file has downloaded unzip it to a location on you computer.

Now click on the . A form will appear in the Information Panel. Browse to find the shape attribute file (dbf) - farmboundary.dbf and the shape spatial file (shp) - farmboundary.shp where you unzipped these on you computer. Fill in a title for the new uploaded layer and a colour. Click OK and the file will be uploaded. You will receive a notification that in order to see the new layer you must turn in on using the

Make the layer visible.