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Measure Area

The Measure Area tool is another handy tool that lets you calculate the area inside a polygon. This tool is not available on the BGIS Online Maps as it requires projected GIS layers of information. The layers of information on the BGIS Online Maps are unprojected in dregrees latiude, longitude.

By selecting the Measure Area button from the Expanded Toolbox you are able to define the vertices (corners) of a polygon by clicking on the map. The Measure Area tool requires that you specify a minimum of three vertices before the Geocortex servers are able to calculate an area. The Measure Area tool allows you produce an accurate estimation of any polygon's area, as you are able to add as many vertices as you deem necessary to represent the area to be calculated. The calculated area is returned in the Information Panel with a record of the all the vertices' coordinates.

To clear the points use the Clear Points button, in the Information Panel.