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Measuring Distances

Perhaps you want to measure the length of a section of a River or Road.. You can measure distance on maps using the Measure Distance tool which is located in the expanded toolbox Standard tools.

After you have made the tool active, click on the desired start location. The latitude and longitude coordinates of your starting point are automatically registered in the Information Panel. By adding another node you complete one line, and the position of the second node and the distance between the two nodes is given.


While doing the project you will be staying in Greyton you would like use the map to measure the distance to the farm near Genadendal. Using the you can measure this distance.

If you make a mistake and wish to erase the points, use the Clear Points button found in the information panel. Once you have drawn the route, you can even print the map.

You can see that the distance to the farm from Greyton is 5.6 kilometers.

You can remove the distance measurement line drawn on your map by clicking on the