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Exercise using advanced features

In the next sections we are going to complete an exercise which uses the advanced features of the BGIS online maps. These include

  1. Measuring distances
  2. Extracting to Excel and GML
  3. Uploading Shape files
  4. Uploading GPS Way Points
  5. Using Markup tools
  6. Saving aand opening projects
  7. Saving and sharing a session
  8. Downloading markup to a shape file
  9. Extracting to Shape file
  10. Downloading the zipped layer information

Setting up a map for the exercise.

We are going to look at an imaginary example of a farmer who needs help in deciding where to plough a new field on his farm near Genadendal which we know has remnant patches of renosterveld containing a rare geophyte.

Using the open the "Base Map". Use the and Municipalities towns to zoom into the Theewaterskloof Municipality. In order to orientate yourself use the to turn on the "Towns" layer in the "Towns" folder of the "Base layers" folder. Zoom into the area around Genadendal. (We have turned off the World Map layer which is not useful at this zoom level.)