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Select by Polygon

Set up the map as you did in the previous example or you can clear the selection (See Clear selection).

Click on the and choose Select by polygon. A dialogue box will to tell you that you can now you your mouse to select features by specifying your polygon on the map.

Click OK to close the dialogue box. You can now start to digitize your polygon by clicking on the map around Komga. As you click on the map the points will be recorded in the left and Information Panel. When you are finished you can click submit to process the selection or clear if you made a mistake like drawing a polygon with cross lines that cannot be processed.

All the attributes of all the features within the "STEP Vegetation - thicket Mosaic" layer that fall within your polygon will be shown in the Information Panel. The features will be indicated in yellow on the map when it refreshes.

You can use the to go to each attribute that was selected

It is Very Important to Note that while digitizing this particular feature that at

one stage you will get

In this case you can actually ignore and continue, as long as your final polygon has no cross-overs it will be.

If you have continued following this tutorial, your are well onto the way to understanding how useful a GIS is and how convenient our Web Map Services are.

At this point you can find particular locations, perform some selections, extract coordinates and print and email your map. Now the fun begins with our advance features you can really share and generate your own spatial data. Collaboration is the name of the game and with the BGIS Web Map Service it couldn't be easier.