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Selection by Box

In the example below we use "STEP Map 2 Vegetation." Open this map by using the and use the to zoom to the Great Kei Municipality.

Make sure that you have clicked on the Select in the Expanded toolbox. Now choose the layers tab and make the layer "STEP Vegetation - Thick mosaic" in the vegetation folder of the STEP layers folder selectable.

Click on the and choose Select by box. A dialogue box will to tell you that you can now you your mouse to select features by specifying a box on the map.

Click OK to close this window and draw a box around Komga on the Main Map Window. When you release the mouse all the attributes of all the features within the STEP Vegetation - thicket Mosaic layer that fall within your box will appear in the Information Panel. The features will be indicated in yellow on the map when it refreshes.

You can use the to go to each attribute that was selected.