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Select by Attribute

The Selected by Attribute has not yet been set up in the BGIS. The JSP programs exists to execute this type of query which is a simpler form of the SQL type query using the Query Builder. Other Map Service have had this enabled and you may use the following link to open up a window with Protected Areas represented by their full cadastral boundaries.

Once you have open up the above site you need to click on the Selected Sets and then Select by attribute from the following menu.

In this example you will selected smaller (less than 1352 ha) Protected Areas. The Layer Name will be Protected Areas and from the Field you need to select Total Area. You either put in a value or use the to identify a reasonable value to enter into the Attribute Value field. In the example below we used the Example values and selected 1352 - so we will select all Protected Areas smaller than 1352 ha. At this point you either select all Protected Areas with in the layer or only Protected Areas that are visible within you current map view. Try doing this selection with the un-ticked and ticked to see what happens. Using the un-ticked option will return the following results and you can then pan around to see all of the Protected Areas that were selected.

If you had ticked the only Protected Areas with the extents of map window above would have been selected.