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Select by Layer

Select by layer requires that you have already selected attribute/attributes and that you wish to select more using a distance buffer. You may use the same map you used in the section (Select by buffer) with the Bosberg Local Nature Reserve selected. Check that you are using the Select in the expanded toolbox.

Click on the an turn on the layer "STEP: Vegetation - Thicket Solid" in the vegetation folder of the STEP Layers folder Click on the and choose Select by layer. In the top dropdown box choose "STEP: Vegetation - Thicket Solid" and click OK.

The attributes of all features of the layer "STEP Vegetation - Thicket Solid" which intersect with the selected feature in the layer "STEP Protected Areas (type 1, 2, and 3)" (Bosberg Lacal nature Reserve) are shown in the Information Panel (Escarpment thicket). The map refreshes to indicate this feature in yellow.

If you attempted to select for feature that does not intersect with the selected feature the system will return with a dialogue box report that no features were found. In the example below we tried an interception of "Bosberg Local nature Reserve" and "South African National Parks".