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Selecting Features Spatially

In the example below we use the "STEP Map 3 Protected Areas". Open this map by using the Maps tab and use the Find location tab to zoom to the "Blue Crane Route Municipality", zoom into the Area around Sommerset East.

You can select specific spatial features and look at their attributes. This is essentially asking, what are the attributes of these specific features?

To do this, you must pick the Select tool Select from the Expanded Toolbox Advanced and ensure that is the selected tool (See Status Bar to confirm)

Using the Layers tab make sure the layer "STEP Protected Areas (Type 1, 2 and 3)" is VISIBLE , ACTIVE layer and SELECTED Select

NOTE you may need to refresh you Layers by using the tab bar so as to update the layers with the selection tool Select as shown in the layer list above.

If you examine the Status Bar at the bottom it will show something similar to this where STEP Protected Areas (Type 1, 2 and 3) is the selected layer.

Now click on the Map on the Dark Blue Reserve just north of Sommerset East. The Map will refresh and the Reserve is shown in yellow indicating it is now selected. The attributes that became selected are listed in the Information Panel.

In the example above we clicked on a single feature however if you are not zoomed in sufficiently you may select more than one feature. Essentially when you put your mouse over a particular area it selects more than just one pixel - in fact it selects 5 by 5 pixels (since that is the resolution we have set our GIS to work under). If we made it too fine (high resolution) it would be difficult to place you cursor on the feature you wish to identify and make selection far too sensitive. Thus sometimes more than one feature may be selected. In order to separate each record when multiple records are identified each alternative record has a beige background. You can click on the blue to see more detail.

You can do far more complicated "Selection" from the Tab Function Bar use the . This will provide you with the follow selection tools.