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Drill Down

The Identify Tool Identify displays attributes for the active layer only and is one of the most commonly used tools. However, if you were interested in finding out everything you can about a particular location on the map, it would be frustrating to have to make active and identify each layer idividually. We don't want you to get frustrated

For this reason, we offer you the Multiple Layer Identify tool Identify visible.

It is simple and powerful. When you click on a point on the map, it drills down through the data and gives you information for all the layers turned on at that location.

To try this open the "Renosterveld Map 3 Ecosystem Status" and zoom into an area near Wellington again.

Choose the layers tab and click on the switch on all layers icon .Turn on all layers in this folder nest to the "Ecological Process" folder within the "Renosterveld layers" folder. Notice that all the layers within this folder will be ticked and will now appear on the map.

Selecting the Identify visible and move your mouse over an area near Wellington where several layers appear to intersect. On release of the mouse a report is generated in the Information Panel.

Repeat the above exercise by adding visible layers to report upon.

Caution: The drill down Identify visible is a useful tool, but it can take some time if you have a lot of layers visible so you may need to be fairly patient when using it.