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Email a map image

Use the Email button Email to send your current map view as a PDF map or as a JPEG image.

Firstly specify the address you wish to "email to" in the E-mail To: field in the information panel (to specify multiple email recipients separate each email address using a comma).

Next enter "your email address" in the E-mail From field. The E-mail From field is not only used to inform a recipient who sent the attachment, but also used to email an alert if the email is undeliverable to the recipient.

You are also asked to specify the attachment format in the Information Panel. Select either Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or Source Image (.jpg) format from the drop-down menu. You may include any comments that you would like to accompany the email in the Comments: field and click to send to am email with the attached map image.

If you wish send an image rather than a PDF document for somebody else to insert in a report you can change the Attachment format: to reflect an image document. Depending on which Web Map Service you are using it will be either PNG, JPG or GIF formats. For all Web Map Services that use an OGC layer indicated by the availability of the World Map folder (see right) this will be a PNG file.