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Printing a Map

Now you want to print your map.

VERY IMPORTANT BEFORE PRINTING to make sure that the layer "world map" from the is unchecked and the map has been refreshed (an Automatically Refresh Map is fine) - NOW check that this layer is actually not displayed in the map window.

After switching of the world map you are ready to start printing.

Choose Print Map Print Map from the toolbox at the top of the map to create a map as a PDF document, which you can print or save.

The following dialogue box will appear

Select your paper size from the drop down menu listed as Template: Note that you now have a choice of several print options both landscape or portrait and with single or double columns for the legend and up to 17x22 page. Please note that the paper size option still have to be incorporated in the BGIS online maps.

However, due to LOW BANDWIDTH that generally operates in South Africa we recommend using only 8.5 x 11 page atleast initially. Pages larger THAN THIS WILL TAKE A CONSIDERABLE TIME TO RENDER! A 17X22 page with a LANDSAT image backdrop will take a couple of minutes to generate even on our Intranet!

The next step is to set the scale at which you would like your map to be printed. If you select nothing, the map will print at the current scale that is seen in the viewer.

We generally recommend that you select nothing (default) since changing the scale will change the "Area of Interest" of the map and also can change which layers are viewable - so you will get a map that looks quite different to your view.

If you wish to print at a specific scale we would recommend that your first view the map at that scale using the Scale box in the Status frame (at the bottom). To set a scale for printing, you must choose a scale from the drop-down list

Important Note! Due to the issue of Scale Error on Monitors and that not all monitors use the same size screen and resolution it is strongly advised that you view the map at one of the following scales on the left and then also select this scale from the drop down menu. If you do not do this it could happen that not quite the same layers that you viewed are printed.

CAUTION: Maps obtained using our sites are not designed to assist in navigation nor are to be used in any legal action or land issue dispute. These maps are generalized and may not reflect current conditions. Uncharted hazards may exist which were unknown to us.


Next add a title and notes for your map.

Once you have finished setting up your map for printing, click the OK button to generate a NEW Map dialogue window which will look similar to the one below.

Open the map or right click and choose save as.

Because BGIS prints maps to Adobe PDF format you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (if you do not we have provided you with a link to Adobe so that you can install it before viewing). Depending on the nature of your request, it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute or two to generate your map. Since the PDF file may be large (up to 1MB) it may take additional time to download to your machine depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

When you get your Map it has the following basic structure - there are of course quite a few variations on this theme and you will need to experiment a little to see which one suits your purpose best.