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Accessing Metadata for Map Layers

What is Metadata? Metadata is data about data. In the case to the layers which make up the BGIS maps the metadata for layer may include details like

  • Who made the layer
  • When the layer was made or the data collected
  • A what scale it was digitised if it was digitised
  • For what purpose the layer was made
  • Contact details of the layers makers
  • And many other details.

Thus it is very important to consult the metadata for a layer when making decisions based on the information in the layer as it will help to inform you as to whether the conclusion you a drawing based on the information are indeed valid.

Accessing the metadata for any of the BGIS layers is very easy. Let us for example access the metadata for the layer NSBA Terrestrial Ecosystem Status.

If you have left the previous map you can open it by choosing the and opening "Map 1 NSBA Terrestrial Ecosystem Status" under "National Spatial Biodiversity Assessment (NSBA)".

After the map has loaded choose the . Now click on the text "Terrestrial Ecosystem Status. The text of the name of each layer is a link to its metatdata file either as a HTML or MS Word file. After clicking on the text the metadata for the layer will appear in a pop window (Remember you must have your popup blocker disabled).

Notice that the originator of this layer is SANBI.

You can also access the metadata for the layers in a map from the text page for a specific map. See section Choosing a map to see how to access the text page for "NSBA Map 1 Terrestrial Ecosystem Status" from the main BGIS text website.

Use the metadata link to access the metadata for the layer.