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Navigating Around the Maps

Within a BGIS Online Map you can look at a specific area of interest.

You can move around the map using the pan tool Pan. The Pan tool lets you slide around to different parts of the map.

Suppose you want to go north (up the map). Take the Pan tool Pan and grab (press and hold down the mouse button) onto the map pulling it down. Whatever part of the map you grab with the little hand will end up where you let go of the mouse button. Just like in real life. This works for moving in any direction on the map.

The Zoom tools are unique to digital maps. They are very much like using an actual magnifying glass, as the icon implies.

The magnifying glass with the little plus sign lets you 'zoom in' Zoom In , while the one with the little minus sign lets you 'zoom out' Zoom Out. There are a couple of ways to use these tools.

First, click on one of them to select it, then go somewhere on the map and press the left mouse button. If it is the Zoom In tool Zoom In the map zooms in. The center of the new map is wherever on the map you clicked the mouse button. The Zoom Out tool Zoom Out zooms out the same way.

Secondly, you can zoom in more precisely by pressing the mouse button somewhere on the map, holding it down, and dragging a box. When you let go of the mouse button the new map extent will be the area defined by the box. Zooming out cannot be defined by drawing a zoom box and is undertaken using a pre-set zoom out scale.

You may also navigate north, south, east or west by clicking on the green line around the map. This will move the map one frame in the direction of the side that you clicked.

Click here for a relevant, but non essential, discussion of scale

One possible method of zooming uses the scale displayed below the map window. Enter your desired map scale, press Go and the map automatically zooms to that scale.

Please note that the scale that appears on this viewer is for map navigation only, and is not necessarily accurate. Without information about the size of your monitor or display device, it is impossible for us to accurately provide a ratio scale.

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There are a few other functions that make navigating around maps easier.

The first is the Previous Extent tool Zoom Previous. It is available as a tool . It will jumps back to the previous map extent. With certain Browser you can use the back button on the browser to navigate backwards as well.

Please note that the Previous Extent Tool or the Browser' Back function will only work for FIVE MINUTES! As you work with maps each scene is cached on the server for five minutes - so if you get an error that will probably be the reason. Due to the amount of traffic we cannot afford to cache maps for longer.

Another operation from the function menu is Zoom to Full Extent Full Extent. It zooms you out to the maximum extent of the map.

Certain of our Map Services (But NOT in the BGIS Maps) will have a Zoom to Active Layer Extent Zoom to Active Layer and zooms to the maximum extent of the active layer and is found in the map function drop-down menu.

Next, you will find out how to make a layer active.